Book Review – Velveteen, by Daniel Marks


Velveteen is not your average teen – she doesn’t like sports, hanging at the mall or talking about handbags. Oh, and she’s dead and living in Purgatory, a city of ash where souls reside until it’s their time to move on. She’s made peace with where she ended up, for the most part. But when she rescues Nick from an eternity stuck in a crystal ball, her world flips on end. He makes her feel things – actually feel things – that she’s never experienced before. Between her budding secret romance and a clash of underworld revolutionaries, she barely has time to finish what she’s set her eternity up for – haunting the serial killer who tortured and murdered her. In this dark, romantic and fast-paced mystery, Velveteen must uncover what is threatening the very foundation of Purgatory while struggling to keep her relationship with Nick a secret. And hopefully, she’ll get revenge on her killer, too.

Readers of more mature YA fiction, or fans of shows like THE WALKING DEAD, will live this dark, edgy underworld romp.

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Velveteen, by Daniel Marks

    1. D.C.C. Mealy Post author

      Yes, this was a really unique book! And the author is local and super nice, so that is always a plus!


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