Hey all, here’s my weekly update. I’ve (FINALLY) started outlining a new book! If you haven’t heard, I’ve started and stopped two novels in the past few months. Nothing more frustrating than writing 20K or more words and then getting bored with the MS.

But, we have to keep going! I’m starting a new one and I’m very excited about that. Details to come soon. Also, I’m editing MY NAME IS 13 and BLEACHED after some wonderful agent feedback. My critique group has gone through 13 already with the edits, and I’ll be working on those. I’ve also spent time editing their manuscripts. Plus, I’m working on my usual Book Reviews for this site and TCBR. So, needless to say, I’m pretty busy.

And when I finish the edits to the last two manuscripts, I’ll be resending them to the agents. I’m not sure if they’ll look at them,but hey – I might as well try! We’ve got a long seven months until the PNWA conference next year and all of the agent awesomeness that it brings.

Happy writing, all!


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