DCCMealy reading a book.

Hey everyone! What are you reading this week? Is it time for Beach Reads yet, or are you still ensconced in fantasy or thriller reads from Winter? Re-reading Harry Potter?

It’s okay. I won’t tell. Right now I’m reading The Winner’s Crime, book two in that series. So good! Read my review of book one here.  And on CD I’m listening to Independent Study, book two in The Testing series. Also, totally amazing. Read my review here of book one. I can’t wait to finish them and get reviews up! They are both amazing.

I’ve recently started and stopped reading two very famous books. Does that ever happen to you? Everyone goes nuts over them, they make movies about them, and you go out and buy it. Then you get five chapters in and you’re like, “Soooo is anything GOING TO HAPPEN HERE?”

Now I understand I might not be the target audience here, but sometimes I just don’t get books where nothing happens.

Unless it was a book just following character’s around from HP. That would be alright. Molly Weasley grocery shopping, anyone?  I can see it now…

Okay I’m back. Sorry, I imagined her levitating oranges into her shopping basket. Heh.

So what are you all reading? How do you feel about starting and stopping books? Yes or no?

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