PNWA 2015!


The fantastic PNWA Conference just finished, and I’m exhausted. I attended with my two FABULOUS crit group partners, J and M. We all had great success at the pitch appointments, reveled in the copious amounts of free coffee, and suitably obsessed over every tiny little thing every agent and editor said like ninth graders.

Not in a creepy way, of course. Be cool, man. Be cool.

Overall, it was the best conference I’ve attended! The panels were informative and interesting, especially the ones about craft. I love me a good discussion on dialog. 😉

My favorite part was the “First Page,” where agents and editors rip apart your page in front of a live audience. It’s anonymous.

As long as you don’t burst into tears.

I did not.

So a win for all! Thanks for nailing it for me, Picard.  Really, though, our whole group had a great first page experience. Lots of helpful and positive feedback, which is so great when you have been working on something in a black hole that you call your office for the last few months. An agent even asked me to talk to him after the session, so I tried not to bounce out of my seat. It was a Charlie Sheen-worthy win!

Now we are all preparing to head to New York for the Writer’s Digest Conference. I’ll be pitching Salem there as well. I’ve sent out all my requests for this conference – 9! – so now I can finally breathe. Finger’s crossed for me, y’all.

And a bonus pic because I found this while searching for the pic up top. You’re welcome.


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