Book Review: HEARTFIRE

Heartfire: A Winterkill Novel

HEARTFIRE is Kate Boorman’s fabulous finish to the WINTERKILL series. Emmeline has left Kane behind in the safety of a small village with his little brothers. She travels on to tribal land with Matisa and the group, hoping to find a way to keep the Dominion out of the valley and Leon’s terrible men out of her mind and heart. But the Dominion is circling close to the cure for the Bleed, and what little leverage Emmeline and Matisa have left is slipping. And when people start getting sick from the water – even with the cure for the Bleed – it seems that Emmeline is out of time. In this exciting conclusion to the WINTERKILL series, we find out if Emmeline’s dreams will finally come true – even her nightmares.

I absolutely loved this series! It was an exciting find as I just passed it in the library, grabbed the first book, and off I went. It’s set in a alternate type history, part colonial, part pioneer days. There are interesting mixes of cultures here with Native people, the new settlers, Emmeline’s settlement…there’s a lot going on and it’s beautifully blended together. Boorman is a talented author who takes you from page one and drags you through an exciting epic across mountains and forests, through heated first kisses and winning plot twists. Start this series today; you won’t be disappointed!

Highly recommended. Get it now!

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