The Punch EscrowHello readers! I received a copy of this exciting new book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, INKSHARES!


In the future, Joel Byram is a somewhat average guy. Advancements in technology have given humans just about every gift imaginable: youth, virtual reality, a clean atmosphere and teleportation. Run by International Transport, teleportation is the world’s biggest and most influential business. And Joel happens to be married to an engineer for IT.

One day, when Joel is running late and teleports to meet his wife, he is accidentally duplicated. IT immediately reigns him in and tries to convince him that he needs to clear himself — that his wife has a copy of him with her, and that two Joel Byrams will destroy everything, and break her heart. Luckily, Joel is quick on his feet and makes a masterful escape, only to be thrown in to a worldwide manhunt. Can Joel get to his wife before IT finds him, and clears him from existence for good?

A thrilling, fast-paced sci-fi novel with plenty of twists and turns, THE PUNCH ESCROW is a fantastic addition to the sci-fi genre. Author Tal Klein paints a riveting and sympathetic man in Joel Byram (both Joel Byram’s, to be fair). Heartfelt and existential, this story can be enjoyed by many types of readers. It is a great example of sci-fi, but it really captures the human beating heart of characters affected by technology. With a surprise ending and gripping writing, you won’t want to put this down.

Highly recommended.

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