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The Punch EscrowHello readers! I received a copy of this exciting new book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, INKSHARES!


In the future, Joel Byram is a somewhat average guy. Advancements in technology have given humans just about every gift imaginable: youth, virtual reality, a clean atmosphere and teleportation. Run by International Transport, teleportation is the world’s biggest and most influential business. And Joel happens to be married to an engineer for IT.

One day, when Joel is running late and teleports to meet his wife, he is accidentally duplicated. IT immediately reigns him in and tries to convince him that he needs to clear himself — that his wife has a copy of him with her, and that two Joel Byrams will destroy everything, and break her heart. Luckily, Joel is quick on his feet and makes a masterful escape, only to be thrown in to a worldwide manhunt. Can Joel get to his wife before IT finds him, and clears him from existence for good?

A thrilling, fast-paced sci-fi novel with plenty of twists and turns, THE PUNCH ESCROW is a fantastic addition to the sci-fi genre. Author Tal Klein paints a riveting and sympathetic man in Joel Byram (both Joel Byram’s, to be fair). Heartfelt and existential, this story can be enjoyed by many types of readers. It is a great example of sci-fi, but it really captures the human beating heart of characters affected by technology. With a surprise ending and gripping writing, you won’t want to put this down.

Highly recommended.

Giveaway! Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends

Adventures of Little Yaga Header

Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends Giveaway!

Welcome to the exciting giveaway for Little Yaga here on Prologue! Thanks to THE CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW and L.B. O’Milla for the opportunity to share this exciting book with our readers.

Now, let’s get to the book! And be sure to enter the rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the post. You can win a signed copy of the book (and who doesn’t love signed copies?) or a $25 Visa Gift Card.

What is Little Yaga and her Friends all about?

Little Yaga is a teenage forest dweller. She is unhappy because, unlike other foresters, she cannot howl or roar, and both of her legs are human-like. There have been rumors that Scraggard the Immortal, a powerful and ruthless Ruler of The Forest, is not exactly immortal. He is sustained on the energy of humans.

When he lures Ashley, a human teenager, into The Forest, Little Yaga, feeling sorry for this weird creature, helps her escape. Infuriated, Scraggard sends Little Yaga and her best friend Kikimra to the human town to bring Ashley back. The forest girls, stunned by technological “miracles” of humans, believe them to be as powerful as the Immortal himself. Unwillingly, Little Yaga and Kikimra become instrumental in Scraggard’s pursuit to recapture Ashley. Distressed by her disappearance, Ashley’s boyfriend and her brother manage to sneak into The Forest. Combining their efforts with Little Yaga and her forest friends, the teenagers embark on a perilous journey to rescue Ashley and save The Forest from Scraggard’s malevolent reign. As Little Yaga discovers the secrets of her forest home and her own origins, she comes into contact with creatures and settings straight out of Russian fables and mythology.

Buy it now!



L.B. O’Milla was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and loved to read and write from an early age. When she was 26 years old, she with her husband and daughter fled the country escaping the ethnic and religious persecution. She arrived to America as a refugee. In the US, O’Milla graduated from NYU and worked as a physical therapist while raising her family, but she never gave up her love of writing. Having grown up in a family that exposed her to the arts, literature, and music, O’Milla enjoyed Russian folklore and its characters.

She studied and mastered English, so that her first book could be written in the language of her new country. O’Milla’s novel, Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends, mixes Russian folklore with the American tech that her own children love. In her spare time, O’Milla enjoys reading, writing, attending Metropolitan Opera performances and off Broadway shows, spending time with friends and family, and participating in outdoor activities. She lives in New Jersey. Now widowed, her biggest supporters are her children and her sister. O’Milla is at work on a sequel containing more adventures of Little Yaga.

Enter to win an autographed copy of  Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends, by L.B. O’Milla, and a $25 Visa gift card.

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

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  • A $25 Visa gift card

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  • A copy of Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends, signed by L.B. O’Milla

Giveaway begins September 9, 2017, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends October 9, 2017, at 11:59 P.M. MTGiveaway open to residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 and older. Prizes provided by Mila Svetnikov.

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Title: Prince of Thieves, Author: Chuck Hogan

In the heart of Boston, in the neighborhood of Charlestown, live the best bank robbers in the world. It’s an art passed down from one generation to the next — and Doug is one of the best. So when he and his three friends and fellow robbers hold up a local bank, Doug doesn’t plan on becoming intrigued with the beautiful bank manager, Claire.

He can’t keep away, and after the robbery starts to follow her, befriend her. Fall in love with her. But with a cunning investigator tracing Doug’s tracks back to his tiny, dark apartment, Doug starts to realize that this game of cops and robbers won’t last forever.

This book is AMAZING. It’s been out a while, and they made a movie about it called THE TOWN starring Ben Affleck.

ben affleck

Well…yeah. Anyway, the movie is amazing, too.


I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Dangit, who keeps inserting those pics? ANYWAY, Prince of Thieves is full of so much Boston (specifically Charlestown) voice that is lifts you away and plops you down in an old Irish bar, holding a pint. It’s a bank robber story, sure, but it’s more than that. It’s a love story between the bad-guy bank robber wanting to be better, and the somewhat naive girl from the other side of the tracks. Who doesn’t love star-crossed romance? The tension is high, the alternating points of view keep you guessing and flipping the pages. It has an unexpected ending that is on point and not schmalzy at all. Thank goodness. If you like romance, if you like heists, if you like atmospheric gritty novels…Chuck Hogan’s got you covered.

Highly recommended.

Book Review: THE BEST MAN

The Best Man

Archer Magill looks up to three people in his young life: His dad, his grandfather, and his super cool Uncle Paul. Uncle Paul has a fancy job and has an in with the Cubs. He always seems to know exactly how to get the bullies to stand down, and how to drive a perfectly sporty car and bring pizza over on Friday nights.

When Mr. Mcleod, the school’s first male teacher…READ MORE HERE.


Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass Series #1)

Okay, I’m completely late to the party on this one. THRONE OF GLASS is an epically HUGE series. You’ve probably read it. So I won’t add to the already bloated canon of fangirl reviews.

Well, maybe just a bit.

Celaena Sardothien is a beautiful, hugely talented assassin. She’s been locked up in a hard labor camp for crimes against the crown. So when Prince Dorian shows up with an offer, really any offer, Celaena takes it without looking back. She’s to compete to be the King’s champion. But what treacherous deceit does the foul King have in store for her? And can she survive the mythical monster that is roaming the halls of the castle, gutting competitors before they finish their tasks?

Maas is a very talented writer (obviously). It’s a long book, which I love, but you are completely engrossed from page one. I love the mystical bits, I love the mystery, I love finding out what deep dark secrets made Celaena the dark assassin she is. Plus the obvious love triangle is a fun diversion, too, though not really why I bought in to the series.

If you love fantasy, sorcery, chosen one myths or good old-fashioned love triangles, this is the book for you. I mean, there are maps for goodness’ sake. MAPS.

I got you there, didn’t I?

Go buy it now! There are umpteen more books, and from what I hear they only get better. Whee!

Book Review: HEARTFIRE

Heartfire: A Winterkill Novel

HEARTFIRE is Kate Boorman’s fabulous finish to the WINTERKILL series. Emmeline has left Kane behind in the safety of a small village with his little brothers. She travels on to tribal land with Matisa and the group, hoping to find a way to keep the Dominion out of the valley and Leon’s terrible men out of her mind and heart. But the Dominion is circling close to the cure for the Bleed, and what little leverage Emmeline and Matisa have left is slipping. And when people start getting sick from the water – even with the cure for the Bleed – it seems that Emmeline is out of time. In this exciting conclusion to the WINTERKILL series, we find out if Emmeline’s dreams will finally come true – even her nightmares.

I absolutely loved this series! It was an exciting find as I just passed it in the library, grabbed the first book, and off I went. It’s set in a alternate type history, part colonial, part pioneer days. There are interesting mixes of cultures here with Native people, the new settlers, Emmeline’s settlement…there’s a lot going on and it’s beautifully blended together. Boorman is a talented author who takes you from page one and drags you through an exciting epic across mountains and forests, through heated first kisses and winning plot twists. Start this series today; you won’t be disappointed!

Highly recommended. Get it now!


Beware That Girl

Kate is a scholarship kid all the way – she has a sordid past she won’t talk about, brains that compete with the best Ivy-Leaguer, and the street-smarts to do whatever it takes to claw her way to the top. So when she meets Olivia at her new private school, Kate decides that Olivia is her new mark. Only, Olivia is a bit strange. She has a mysterious past year where she was missing from school. Her mega-rich dad is never around, and her emotions seem flat. Kate befriends Olivia out of self-preservation (after all, sleeping in a penthouse with your new bestie is far better than an old cot in a basement), but eventually starts to care for her. Worry about her. And when hot Mr. Redkin starts to snoop too close to Olivia, all of Kate’s warning bells go off.

In this twisty and exciting thriller, Kate races to uncover Olivia’s past and Mr. Redkin’s intentions, only to discover that this might be the only situation she won’t be able to manipulate her way out of. Lies, money and jealousy flare up for an exciting game of cat and mouse in this YA novel.

This books was brilliantly paced. Teresa Toten is a masterful storyteller. She blends a distinctive Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liar vibe with Girl on the Train twists. I finished the book in just a few sittings, which is always a good sign. Though I wanted even more from the ending, or heaven help me, a second book, I was completely thrilled with this book. Kate is pitch perfect, as is Olivia (though my knowledge of trust funds or prep schools is rather limited!). I found myself shifting from one character’s side to the other. Throw in the glitzy world of the mega rich, and you’ve got quite the page turner. Who doesn’t love a scandalous dirtbag and dirty secrets?

Highly recommended!

Book Review: UPROOTED by Naomi Novik

Title: Uprooted, Author: Naomi Novik

UPROOTED by Naomi Novik is a stunning high fantasy novel that I enjoyed from page one.

Agnieszka is a teen in a small village outside a haunted and self-aware forest. The Dragon, a sorcerer, comes to her village and takes a girl every ten years. This year he will come again, and everyone knows he will come for her best friend, Kasia. Instead, it’s her hand he grasps at the choosing, and so she is torn from her family and thrust in to a new and terrifying life.

The Dragon, as it turns out, is not as half as scary as she thought. True, he lives in a lonely tower just outside the deadly forest, but he is quiet, grumpy, and skinny. He never touches her, and in fact begins to teach her magic. He nurtures the magic inherent within her, though he doesn’t like it, filling Agnieszka with pride and wonder for the first time in her life. In fact, Agnieszka starts to feel a heat between them, a spark of something she never thought she’d feel toward the sallow sorcerer. When her friend, Kasia, is taken by the woods, Agnieszka rushes to save her. What Agnieszka finds alters the face of her Kingdom, and her life, forever.

This is a phenomenal book. If you love fantasy like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, anything like that — this is the book for you. I absolutely loved Agnieszka’s feisty nature. I loved how she threw The Dragon’s attitude back in his face. I love that she fights for everything she believes in, her friends, her family, no matter what.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. The writing is wonderful. Novik is a true master of her craft (and no wonder, she’s written about a million other books). The settings are crystal clear, the wood is terrifying, the plot unfolds at just the right pace. Trust me, if you like fantasy, READ THIS BOOK. I am going online to look for the rest of her books. This one is THAT good.

Highly recommended.

The Raven King, by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven King (Raven Cycle Series #4)


Can we just start out with: I love this book. I love this series. Maggie Stiefvater is one of the most talented writers of our generation/of all time. Where is Kanye when I need him? OF ALL TIME, Y’ALL.

Here’s an excerpt of my review of the first book, just so you know what the series is about:

Blue, daughter of a ‘seer’ (a clairvoyant), has a unique skill. Although she can’t communicate with the spirit world herself, her presence amplifies clairvoyant and psychic abilities in those around her. And when she sees the dying ghost of a boy named Gansey on St. Mark’s Eve in the church graveyard, her mother tells her it can only mean one of two things. Either he is her true love, or she’ll kill him by the time the year is out. And those points may not be mutually exclusive.

Set in small-town Virginia, this lyrical mystery weaves the viewpoints of the local “Raven Boys” from a prestigious private school with Blue’s own sharp narration. The boys aren’t like normal rich kids – they are searching for buried treasure in the form of an un-dead historical figure, waiting to grant his finder any wish. Blue is drawn to them, even as she knows that Gansey will soon die. With several twists, this book will keep readers flipping pages well in to the night.

Okay. Now that that’s out of the way…THE RAVEN KING is the last book in the Raven Cycle, a four book series. It was so amazing. Each book builds on the last, creating a fascinating urban/fantasy/magical realist world (depending on who you talk to, I’m sure) that I just cannot get enough of. Part Southern Gothic in the  vein of Anne Rice, part YA teen angst, part just amazing fantasy, you will not be able to put it down. And if you haven’t started the series, lucky you! You get to read all four at once.

I’m jelly.

Blue is a a heroin we can root for, Gansey is so swoonworthy it hurts (OMG he calls her Jane, JANE and I can’t stand it I love it) and we cannot wait for them to get together. Maggie is an absolutely phenomenal writer. She grabs you from the word go, and you will not look away.

I loved the mythology, I loved the setting, I loved the characters.


I loved the CARS. Gosh, there are just not enough cars in books. I loved Gansey’s Camaro, since I have one, too. I loved the details of these books, the complex character relationships…Truly a masterpiece.

In conclusion: Buy all four books. Read them. Tell everyone you love about them. Maggie Stiefvater wins this decade for best series.



Book Review: FLAME

Title: Flame (Sky Chasers Series #3), Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan

FLAME is the third and last book in the SKY CHASERS series by Amy Kathleen Ryan.

Here’s what the series starts off about:

The inhabitants of the Empyrean spaceship have one main goal in life – reach and terraform New Earth, and procreate. Waverly is the oldest girl born on the Empyrean, and she’s all but made up her mind to marry Kieran, the future captain of the ship. But when their sister ship, the New Horizon, attacks without warning, she is kidnapped along with all of the other girls. Infertility plagued the New Horizon for its entire mission thus far, and Pastor and leader Anne Mathers plans on rectifying that situation by violently ‘rescuing’ these girls and putting them on her ‘safer’ ship. Kieran is left to battle over control of the ship with brooding Seth, who also harbors a deep love for Waverly. Will Waverly and the other girls find a way to escape and get home? Who will take over the Empyrean – Kieran or Seth?

In FLAME, we see the exciting and unexpected conclusion of the series. I LOVED it. I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of flat or disappointing series endings lately. Thank goodness Ms. Ryan really stepped it up. This is a phenomenal space-opera series with big thematic and moral questions.

I highly recommend this series! Read my reviews for book one and two as well :)